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Rock slope stability analysis

15 Feb Rock Slope Stability Analysis. In this paper a numerical analysis of slope stability problems in blocky rock is presented with emphasis given to the various possible failure modes (block sliding and/or block tilting). The discontinuous structure of the rock mass is approximated by an equivalent Cosserat continuum. Slide is a comprehensive 2D limit equilibrium slope stability program for all types of soil and rock slopes, embankments, dams and retaining walls. Swedge is a 3D limit equilibrium program for the analysis of wedge stability in rock slopes. You can determine the wedge safety factor or probability of failure. A wide variety of slope stability software use the limit equilibrium concept with automatic critical slip surface determination. Typical slope stability software can analyze the stability of generally layered soil slopes, embankments, earth cuts, and anchored sheeting structures. Limit equilibrium analysis - Limit analysis - Numerical methods of.

This paper presents a comparative study of methods used for the analysis of the stability of rock slopes for hydropower projects. The comparison concerns the. intersection of the planes by the pole of the great circle which passes through their poles. Preliminary evaluation of the stability of a slope in a rock mass with. The paper discusses alternative approaches to stability analyses including the traditional deterministic principle, the so-called partial factor principle and the.

Structural and mechanical analyses of rock mass are key components for rock slope stability assessment. The complementary use of photogrammetric. Rock slopes, whether manmade or artificially created in the process of excavation Rock slope stability analyses are routinely performed and directed towards. 16 Jan Rock Slope Stability Analysis• A variety of engineering activities require excavation of rock cuts.• In civil engineering, projects include.


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