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Browser s php instead of displaying it download

Browser s php instead of displaying it

http://localhost/tutorialcut.com or maybe (based on your path above) its http:// localhost/PHP/tutorialcut.com in the browser. share|improve this answer. PHP code display in browser instead of executing it. I have just configured the PHP from tutorialcut.com and apache from apachelaunge on Windows 7. tutorialcut.com The page opens fine in Internet Explorer. Instead of displaying my webmail, Google Chrome downloads the php file instead. You just get a blank page with tutorialcut.com in the download box on the bottom left.

Fixing the issue with PHP being displayed in the browser. opening the page via their file system, instead of putting it into the root of a PHP-enabled webserver . My browsers (any of them) opening localhost/drupal start page but from on my laptop is was downloading any php file instead of executing it. 20 Jul Sometimes when in the admin side of the site, after uploading an image or modifying various areas the page is loading up as code instead of.

21 Aug PHP Code Showing Instead of Running You've written your first PHP program, but when you go to run it, all you see in your browser is the. If you try to access a PHP file saved in your home folder, it will be downloaded instead of saved. Just move it to your www folder commonly. 18 Feb After writing all the php codes when i try to open the file which is save as my browser instead of displaying the codes which i wrote in echo part.


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